Calls to Telegram and pakecrot do not work, you cannot contact the interlocutor? Let’s figure out where the legs of this common problem come from – together we can find the best solution!

Bad Internet connection
The first reason why a call does not go through Telegram is a poor Internet connection. Do not forget that communication in the messenger takes place exclusively over the network, this is not a cellular connection we are used to, but an Internet connection.

If the connection is of poor quality, breaks occur, the speed drops – then you are faced with such a problem as the inability to call another person and talk to him. What to do in such a situation?

Most likely, you will have to wait until the internet bounces back. We also advise you to take the following measures:

Reboot your device;
Try switching from mobile to wireless or vice versa;
Enter airplane mode for a few seconds;
Make sure that the account has sufficient funds, and that all Internet options are connected and paid.
If the call in the Telegram does not go through due to poor Internet – wait. Sometimes problems arise due to the distance from cell towers, due to bad weather or the peculiarities of the building, your location. In most cases, the problem is solved quickly, and by itself, but you can contact the operator’s or provider’s support service.

Privacy preferences
The second reason why calls do not go through Telegram may lie in the messenger settings. If you have not allowed the application to accept incoming from certain users (or from any people), you may encounter such a problem. Let’s try to fix it?

Open the application and click on the settings button (on the iPhone from the bottom right, on Android – through three strips at the top left);
Find the subsection “Confidentiality”;
Find the “Calls” tab.
You need to make sure that the “Who can call me” section is set to “Everyone” or certain people are selected. You can configure exclusions yourself using a special option!

In a similar way, you can answer the question why I cannot call a person in a Telegram. Perhaps he simply barred incoming calls from all people. Maybe you are not included in the contact list or are banned?

Black list
It is imperative to mention such a messenger option as a blacklist. This is a great opportunity to figure out why I can’t get through to a certain user in Telegram.

Remember – the person may not have an Internet connection. If you are confident that your connection and privacy settings are okay, another reason remains. If the user threw you into the blacklist, you will not be able to get through. At least until you are reinstated.

The interlocutor will not even receive notifications about incoming and missed ones. He just won’t know about your attempts to contact.

Finally, a useful tip! Very often Telegram does not receive calls due to an outdated version of the messenger or operating system. We recommend that you check your smartphone settings and download an OS update if necessary. The latest version of the messenger (with fixed bugs and vulnerabilities) can be obtained for free through the Google Play Market or App Store.