Collections are when someone collects a list of channels about stbemu codes and publishes them on their own. The fewer participants in such a selection and the more relevant the audience, the more subscribers you can get from participating in it.

You can get into the collections in different ways:

Make your own and offer it to a popular channel. Collect a selection of 3-4 channels and include yours in it. And then offer material to a larger channel with a relevant audience. The main thing is that the selection is useful to its subscribers – then there is a chance that it will be published.

Apply for a bot. Telegram has bots that accept applications from those who want to get into the collections: for example, “TG Profit”. Tell them about your channel, but don’t expect a huge increase in subscribers. The fact is that such bots publish a list of 10-40 channels at once, and the audience either does not pay attention to it, or subscribes to only 1-2 channels.

And just make quality content – do serious research, give non-standard advice, publish creative posts. Then you can be noticed by opinion leaders and authors of popular channels. With the right combination of circumstances, they can recommend you to their subscribers for free.