I received an e-mail today with very interesting news. I hasten to share them with you …

Most recently, Silicon Valley hosted the annual Facebook F8 conference. This year, as never before, there were many new products and news from FB. What was announced at this conference?

I bring to your attention a first-hand story from the participants of the Tooligram Academy conference:

Likes on Instagram are officially canceled

While this innovation is being tested in Canada, as the FB considered that in this country “the most sane and healthy community of 23 million people.” What do we think about canceling likes? Finally! The most inadequate statistic will no longer rule us.

3 chips will appear on Instagram, which will protect your delicate mental balance:

“Elbow nudge” – if someone decides to be rude in the comments, a notification will fly out: “Do you really want to post this?”, Now haters will be elbowed.

“Interaction management” is like a blacklist, but it only applies to direct and comments, you block the user and he still sees your photos and can like them, but he will not be able to write anywhere.

“Rest from Instagram” – if you need a vacation from Instagram, you can enable this mode and you will see only a splash screen in the application.

WhatsApp gets the Account Kit function: now, confirmation codes for any services can be sent not in sms, but in WhatsApp.

Facebook gave itself a restyling. He became faster, lighter and abandoned his blue-gray colors, became minimalist white, so now it is fashionable. And Facebook messenger comes out as a separate application for Windows and Mac.

Facebook will feature “Secret Crush” – secret love. So users will be able to mark their secret love on the network. The object of sighing will not know about your affection until he himself adds you to the Secret Crush list. In this case, everything secret will become clear and both of you will receive reciprocity notifications.